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About Frokus

Frokus is a personal project inspired by the numerous requests I have received from my friends, seeking guidance in learning how to code. I recommend books or courses, only to discover later most of my friends never tried or gave up midway. Frokus aims to address this issue by serving as a platform that motivates and engages, a tool for mentors to guide their mentees effectively.

One of the most challenging aspects of learning is deciding where to start. Selecting the right course, book, or technique can be daunting and time-consuming, often leading to demotivation. A mentor can alleviate this burden by leveraging his experience to provide guidance, pointing mentees in the right direction. By investing just a few minutes with a mentor, a mentee can potentially save hours of frustration. Frokus' mission is to enhance your entire learning process, empowering you to invite a mentor of your choice and grow together on your learning journey.

David Alberici, Creator of Frokus

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